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Wide-Awake at 3 AM?

Stay in bed For you to fall asleep, your heart rate needs to slow down, but when you get up you elevate it. Keep it

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Ketamine Without Needles

Our center has been successfully using intranasal administration of ketamine for treatment resistant depression (TRD) for almost 2 years. We are happy to share a seminal study

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As Heard on NPR

At Brain Health Consultants, our in depth experience and long standing involvement in research is one of the reasons we are sought out as experts.

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Hormones and Depression

Are Hormones Helpful or Harmful in Mood and Anxiety? Birth Control Pills are hormones and they can be helpful or harmful for mood and anxiety

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Depression Support Available

Depression Support from DBSA, Houston Depression support groups are able to help many people with mood disorders. Today we had the honor of attending the Help,

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TMS Outcomes Continue Strong

TMS Outcomes in private practice continue strong.  I attended a TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) conference this past weekend with private practice psychiatrists in. Texas. One