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Through our participation in the Spravato clinical trials, we were able to help several patients suffering from Treatment Resistant Depression before Spravato’s official FDA approval.

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“Mom’s depression is greatly improved…”

My mom had struggled with depression for many years. After visiting several other psychiatrists, we finally found a place that made a difference. We were treated respectfully and we got an appointment quickly. They don’t take insurance and it was expensive, but totally worth it. The doctors are from Baylor and very experienced. My mom had previously tried antidepressants, but our doctor came up with many new treatment options. My mom’s depression is greatly improved and we are so thankful to have her back.

Jenny H.

“Dr. Al Jurdi is the most talented doctor…”

Dr. Al Jurdi is the most talented doctor I have ever met ( in all fields.) He is intuitive and is skilled in treating the whole person. With his ongoing research in psychopharmacology, he is well-versed in the latest medications and adjunct treatments. It is not all about medications with Dr. Al Jurdi! He knows how to get to the quick of one’s problems. His is a collaborative approach to wellness. He will join you in the exploration of your life’s situation , offering support and ideas for improvement.

Barbie W.

“Dr. Marangell changed my life…”

This is one smart Doctor! Loved her! Wanted to take a moment and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have battled depression and anxiety for yrs with no luck seeing multiple physicians. Dr. Marangell changed my life. Within a few months, my life and happiness are 1000% better. I can’t thank you enough, I am blessed.


“Went above and beyond…”

With an abundance of compassion, action, and clear, frequent communication Dr. Marangell went above and beyond what any other psychiatrist would have done.


“Super smart and equally kind…”

Great experience. Super smart and equally kind.

Josh H.

“Caring and very well-educated…”

The doctors at Brain Health Consultants are very caring and very well-educated. The office is extremely nice and the treatment rooms are top-notch. You never feel rushed and you are always treated with the utmost respect. I am receiving ketamine treatments there and they have literally saved my life.

Scott W.

“Felt 100% better…”

I’ve been treated for depression for about 10 years and I’ve tried at least a dozen medications. The medications help in that I can function but they never help me feel like me. It’s like they dull the psychic pain but I feel flat and not motivated. My psychiatrist told me about this new treatment that uses magnets. Sounded pretty unusual but my psychiatrist is really mainstream and told me that the docs the brain health are really really good. I called up and spoke with Holly. She asked me questions and was really easy to talk to. She said they didn’t want to waste my time if they didn’t think they could help. I appreciated this approach.

I was scheduled to see Dr.Al Jurdi in two days. He was also easy to talk to you pretty much a regular guy seemed to know a lot about depression. Explained how the magnet worked to fix electricity in my brain when the drugs couldn’t do that. i decided I was tired of living in misery. When you first go in It does feel kind of different. You sit in chair and they put The machine to your head. Even though they showed it to be for the first time that it was turned on my whole body kind of jumped. They’re really good about explaining things and making sure I was not in pain freaked out. After about 15 minutes I got used to it and by the next day I was fine with it.

I didn’t feel much of a change my depression until about three weeks in yesterday to feel more like myself. I would still get depressed but it was this bad I was able to feel like I wanted to do things and call my friends and it was really kind of amazing. By the end I really liked going there and felt 100% better. The Doctors are incredibly nice and no everything about depression and new treatments. I felt really well taken care of. It’s been four months since I stopped the treatments and I still feel great i’d recommend this place with five stars.

Josh H.

“Willing to work with me on changing…”

I have seen Dr, Al Jurdi for approximately 4 years. Over that time, I have found him to be through, willing to work with me on changing meds where needed to improve outcome, caring and available. Making appointments has never been a problem. We don’t always agree on things, but I find him more than willing to hear me out. I also appreciate his empathetic manner of treatment. I am extremely happy that I made the decision to see him.


“Was life changing…”

Dr. Marangell is the best doc around for depression. Kind, creative, state of the art. Office staff is the best I have seen in any medical office. Using TMS with a MRI was life changing.


“Smart and easy to talk with…”

You will not find a better psychiatrist anywhere. Dr. Marangell is smart and easy to talk with and much more available than the psychs who take insurance Also one of the nicest offices I ever seen. They even give you free chocolate and validate parking.

Peter W.

“Helped me make better life choices…”

Dr. Al Jurdi is one of the most helpful physicians I have ever seen. His ability to listen, understand, and give practical advice has helped me make better life choices. In a time of uncertainty, it has been nice to have someone who can bring a fresh perspective to life in general. Many thanks…

William F.

“Extremely thorough in their efforts…”

Unlike the typical psychiatrist, Dr. Al-Jurdi and his team at Brain Health Consultants are extremely thorough in their efforts to diagnose the biological and psychological causes for your mental illness. Dr. Al-Jurdi and his team create a thoughtful, customized treatment plan for your recovery to wellness which emphasizes the importance of maximizing your chance for LONG TERM recovery.


Our dedicated team has the skills and resources to manage all of your needs.