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Depression & Other Disorder Treatment Questions River Oaks, Greater Houston & Tanglewood

We are the experts: We are the only group in Houston with experience in the development of TMS as a treatment. 

We offer the most scientifically advanced technology: we are the only group in the area using both neuronavigation (nTMS) and functional MRI to personalize treatment. 

We also offer accelerated TMS which shortens the total treatment time from 6 weeks to as short as one week. 

You will love our offices – everyone does. Many of our patients describe TMS with us as a relaxing break from their otherwise hectic day. 

The first thing to know is that depression is not the same thing as being sad. When something bad happens, it is normal to feel sad. Signs that you may need help are if the sadness is present almost all day, everyday for several weeks, or if you are unable to enjoy the things that used to be fun in your life. Often, changes in sleep and appetite are also signs that may be part of the illness we call depression. The Personal Health Questionnaire (PHQ) might help.

Our expertise is in understanding the complexity of depression and anxiety disorders and providing comprehensive patient focused diagnosis and treatment recommendations. We combine decades of experience with state of the art science to get you well. We spend a full hour of physician time on the first visit, which is not possible in primary care. This allows us to really understand what is happening with you and design a personalized plan that fits your life. Therapy is very helpful as a place to learn new coping skills and to discuss stressful life situations or long-standing problems with how you behave that are not working for you. However, therapists cannot prescribe medication or offer TMS or other biological treatments. If you might need a medical perspective, you should consider starting with us. Many of our patients are referred to us by their therapists for our medical perspective, and we likewise include therapy in many of our treatment suggestions.

Anxiety often goes hand in hand with depression, but for some people anxiety is the main problem. Mild anxiety can often be treated by therapy alone, especially therapies that are designed specifically to teach patients how to change their thoughts about anxiety provoking ideas or situations. One example is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). If your anxiety is interfering with your life, you might want to make an appointment with one of our psychiatrists for a full evaluation so we can set you on the right path. We have expertise in generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

We are trained and board-certified as adult psychiatrists so our typical age range is 18 years and up. However, since Covid, there has been an intense need for additional psychiatric care for children and adolescents. As such, on a case by case basis, we will see teenagers 16 and up if they’re in therapy and are still in need of evaluation and medical treatment for depression, anxiety, or ADHD and if they can safely be treated as an outpatient.

For new patients, we provide an initial phone conversation free of charge in order to assess if our services are right for you. We believe that we are very good at what we do, but we are not always able to provide the ideal care setting for all patients. We value your time and your money and do not want to set up an appointment if you might be better served elsewhere. Click here to contact us.

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We made the choice to not be “in network” with any insurance company in order to provide the most tailored treatment possible without compromise. However, if you have “out of network” benefits, you may be eligible for reimbursement from your insurance company. Plans vary, so check with your carrier if this is something you are interested in. We will provide a receipt with the service and diagnosis codes that insurance companies use to reimburse you.

Payment is required by cash or credit card at, or before, the time of service.

Assistance is available to verify insurance coverage to obtain preauthorization for TMS, Esketamine, and Spravato medication.

You will be greeted by someone on our team, offered coffee, tea, soda or water and a comfortable chair and given a clip board with new patient forms. These take about 10 minutes and include your contact information, our office policies and questions about how you have been feeling. You are welcome to have the forms before your appointment. You will then be greeted by Dr. Marangell or Al Jurdi and escorted to their office. First appointments usually last an hour and most of the time you will leave with a treatment plan that you and your doctor have agreed is best for you.

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We are the experts: We are the only group in Houston with experience in the development of TMS as a treatment. 

We offer the most scientifically advanced technology: we are the only group in the area using both neuronavigation (nTMS) and functional MRI to personalize treatment. 

We also offer accelerated TMS which shortens the total treatment time from 6 weeks to as short as one week. 

You will love our offices – everyone does. Many of our patients describe TMS with us as a relaxing break from their otherwise hectic day. 

Neurology is the study of the human nervous system, especially in reference to brain activity and the passage of nerve signals through main pathways like the spine. Psychology is the study of human behavior, especially as it relates to disorders of the mind. The study of neuropsychology combines these two disciplines in order to find an underlying medical and neurological cause for psychological conditions. Neuropsychological conditions manifest themselves chemically, going beyond mere emotional disorders, and as such may require specialized treatment.

Depression is a chronic and often debilitating disease that affects the mind. It is much more than simple emotions like sadness or a reaction to loss. Depression symptoms often overlap with those of other psychiatric conditions, such as bipolar disorder, anxiety, insomnia and even dementia. Depression that does not respond to standard treatment may be a symptom of other medical illnesses, such as thyroid or other endocrine or neurologic diseases. Even with the best current medications, many people feel better but “not back to their old selves.” At Brain Health Consultants, we don’t just treat symptoms; we strive to restore your brain to a healthy state. Let us help you thrive again. Click here for more information on depression.

Previously called manic depression, bipolar disorder is another major mood disorder and an area of our expertise. Patients with bipolar disorder spend most of their time in depressive episodes, and occasionally experience periods of mania. Proper evaluation and diagnosis is critical, because the medications used to treat the depressive phase of bipolar disorder are not always the same as those used to treat non-bipolar depression. One study found that patients with bipolar disorder went an average of 15 years without a proper diagnosis. Equally troubling, patients without bipolar disorder are often wrongly diagnosed. We are world-class experts in the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder. Our strength is in providing comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and treatment in our outpatient facility. We utilize evidence-based treatment, helping to calm the storm and start a path to true recovery.

Anxiety by itself is an emotion that can be a normal human reaction to certain stressors. However, anxiety that becomes abnormally strong to the point where the sufferer cannot engage in normal life activities is categorized in its own group of disorders. Anxiety may also present itself when stressors are not present, leading to further complexities. Patients may have debilitating phobias, social anxiety, panic disorder and other specific conditions. Extreme anxiety may also contribute to or result from other conditions like major depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, ADHD and others. Brain Health Consultants provides expert care in the treatment of anxiety symptoms while addressing the totality of our patients’ conditions.

Absolutely. In many instances, depression causes problems within the person’s life rather than the other way around. In other cases, someone who seemed happy actually suffers from a chemical imbalance that prevents them from experiencing the range of positive emotions they once enjoyed. Physical injury or illness can also create depression conditions, especially traumatic head injuries, cancer, dementia or degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

Most sufferers from depression or similar conditions experience symptoms that make it difficult, if not impossible, to lead a normal life. They find themselves unable to participate in typical activities because of anxiety, or they feel an overwhelming sense of sadness even when performing normally fulfilling activities. Only a psychological expert can diagnose conditions like depression. They do so through deep analysis and consideration of your experiences. They can also perform tests and imaging in order to capture a full perspective on your condition.

The short answer is that nearly everyone can benefit from seeing a therapist. Even those of us who consider our lives “normal” and ourselves happy could benefit from the insights a therapist can provide. People who have symptoms of depression or anxiety disorders should visit a therapist as their first line of diagnosis. Others should visit a therapist when they have experienced major physical and/or emotional trauma in order to determine how well they are coping.

There are a variety of potential effective treatments for depression, including medication, therapy and holistic lifestyle approaches like diet or exercise. There are also non-standard treatments available like ketamine therapy for depression or TMS therapy. Treatments that work for some people may not work for others, and a combination of treatments is frequently recommended in order to produce the best patient outcome.

TMS therapy is FDA-approved for use in treating treatment-resistant depression. Ketamine therapy is not formally approved as a depression treatment, but extensive prior and ongoing research allows for it to be safely administered in a clinical setting. Rest assured, our doctors are experts in their field and are capable of delivering treatment solutions safely and with the utmost attention to patient outcomes.

TMS for depression is covered by many insurance plans, typically with preauthorization. To date, insurance will not pay for more than one treatment a day. Out of pocket cost for a full course of treatment is about $14,000. 

No. Our staff works diligently in order to treat every patient with individualized care. In order to do so, we must be able to devote a set amount of time aside, and this can only be accomplished through set appointments.

We do not accept payment from commercial health plans, including Medicare or Medicaid. Doing so would limit our available treatment options and restrict factors like the amount of time we can spend with each patient.

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Most of our patients come to us when they have tried nearly everything else, so we specialize in offering new perspectives and comprehensive treatment plans that can produce the desired outcome. However, not every patient will respond as expected to our treatments. We can provide suggestions or referrals for them to move forward and frequently follow-up on prior patients to ensure that they are receiving the care they need to recover.

We do not have a full-time therapist on staff, but Dr. Annette E. Brissett is our partner in delivering patient care and a frequent fixture in our office, conducting therapy sessions on a regular basis. Patients who do not have a therapist or who wish to supplement their therapy can attend sessions with the friendly, warm and supportive Dr. Brissett.

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